Art in the Park Events


Growing up in a small town where the neighbors knew each other was an unforgettable experience.  The woods in one neighbors backyard had wild blackberries and in another yard had wild blueberries.  As kids, we were allowed to go pick the berries.  We could also go down the road to enjoy the fresh water spring and a little further wade in the stream.  We could explore the woods, go ice skating (in the frozen pond in the winter), ride bikes together and more.

What I didn’t realize when growing up was that the saying “it takes a village to bring up a child” was true.  The neighbors were friendly, the kids had fun – but it went two ways.  If the child was out of line or doing things that weren’t okay, our parents would be told and we would be corrected.

What also went two ways was HELP.  Neighbors helping neighbors.  The help ranged from personal help to yard help to fresh grown fruits and vegetables and much more.  The diverse cultures were also something special to  learn about.   

The result was a group of people having common interests in its neighborhood, its goodwill and being an uplifted, safe area.  That is what Art in the Park Events is all about.  It’s a dream that we share with the neighbors.  The aim is the neighborhoods becoming a place where people know and help each other. This is what we are creating. 

We work with groups and individuals to make the events very locally inspired and run.

Contact us if you would like to help and/or do the same in your neighborhood.

Our Mission

We are a gung ho group of individual artists and creators who want to make a difference and bring people and communities together through our arts and works.


ARTISTS, Artisans, Crafters, Chefs and Food artists, Performers are all urged to participate – please come out and share in the celebration of life and livingness.

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